Fundraising for CuddlesCuddles is a not-for-profit charity, we are not a registered charity.Our funds are very limited and we appreciate that you buy your own yarns and materials to make the beautiful clothing, blankets, cribs, teddies and angels, not to mention the postal charges. The main outgoings for Cuddles are postage – currently £3 for small parcel under 2kg – packaging materials, the boxes we use and the printed cards we attach to each item.Here are a few ways we can raise funds for Cuddles:•	If you shop online and use the links through this website – We are registered with this website and can raise funds at no cost to ourselves or you. • 	Go to the website • 	Register as a user • 	Fill in details, ensure the cause you wish to support is entered. In our case we are registered as Cuddles (please do not confuse with Cuddles animal shelter!!!) •	Find the retailer you wish to use, there are literally thousands. Examples are eBay, Sainsbury’s, Amazon to name just a few. •	Place your order as you would normally and log out. •	Remember to log in and use when you shop online. Your order is then tracked, and after (usually) a few days, you will be informed of the donation amount. Money is paid out quarterly, if the cause has raised at least £15. If that is not raised at the end of the quarter, the amount is rolled over to the next. Payments are only made at the end of the quarters. If another organisation registers a cause, and quotes Cuddles as the source of info, we will also receive a referral fee and 20% of the money they themselves raise – at absolutely no cost to the other organisation. •	We can also raise funds by using the search engine (instead of Google for example). When you use this search facility, you are asked which cause you would like to support. Again insert Cuddles and search (this confirms you are supporting the correct organisation). Then enter your search as you would normally. Providing there are at least 10 searches supporting us, made in a day (doesn’t have to be by the same person), we will then receive a donation too. I tried it, made 16 searches in a day and we have been credited with 8p – ok its not a lot, but could mount up! If you have the time, inclination or facilities to do some other fundraising, it would be 
very much appreciated, as would any other ideas or suggestions you may have.