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Guidelines for making items suitable for CuddlesCuddles specialise in supplying clothing and items for the tiniest, most fragile little souls.These babies are not full-term or even premature baby sizes which is why Cuddles patterns have evolved over the years through the help and advice from midwives.These special babies cannot be dressed in normal style clothing – so we don’t want baby clothes.These babies are very fragile and the fabric of the knitting or crochet needs to be fragile too. We advise using 2, 3 or 4ply for the clothing and small blankets under 20” square and 3 or 4ply for the larger blankets. Thicker, highly textured and bumpy yarns tend to produce over-bulky items. Using lighter weight yarns makes the garments soft so they drape nicely and don’t overwhelm the tiny babies.The colours requested by hospitals are predominantly white, cream and very pale pastel colours as these suit delicate skin colours better than bright colours.The best advice from Cuddles is… keep it simple, delicate, smooth and pretty.The attached size chart will give you guidelines to the size of items Cuddles specialise in and all Cuddles patterns are available to download from the website or from our Facebook page.