History of Cuddles – the story so farCuddles was founded in 1999 – inspired by a group called ‘Afghan for Angels’ based 
in the USA – by midwife Jill and her friend Jacky who was an Occupational Therapist. 
It began in Doncaster hospital in the UK where Jill worked and has subsequently spread out from there.They were both keen knitters and crocheters and had experience in both their professional and family lives of the devastation of losing a baby. As a midwife, Jill had many times seen tiny babies that sadly were too small to survive, with no clothing small enough to dress them in or an appropriate blanket to wrap them in. She recalls the sad tale of one day seeing a mother cut up a shawl so she had something small enough to wrap her tiny stillborn baby in.Jill and Jacky got together to discuss their ideas at length and began by making blankets from 12” up to 36” so that whatever size the baby, a blanket was available to wrap them in. The idea was for the baby to be wrapped in their blanket for the time they had with Mum and Dad, then the blanket could be taken home as something that had belonged to their precious baby. They then began to make burial gowns and hats suitable for even the tiniest babies.The blankets and gowns were initially distributed at the hospital Jill worked in, then gradually as they had more help from volunteers, they were able to offer the items free to other hospitals.Jill and Jacky continued making blankets and gowns and developing new patterns, supported by increasing number of volunteers, one of whom joined with her mother in 2001 after reading a ‘Knitters Wanted’ advert in the World of Cross Stitch Magazine.In 2005 two midwives, Kathy and Vicky took over the management of Cuddles and between the four of them continued designing new patterns. In 2010 Kym took on the role and then Karen in 2015. The current Cuddles co-ordinator is Ann who took over from Karen in 2018.Cuddles has over 300 members who regularly send their knitted and crocheted items to the co-ordinator who then, on receiving an email request from the hospital, will parcel up the requested items, each with a Cuddles card attached, and post them on. We have, over the years, supplied over 130 hospitals with items.