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Information for Hospitals					Cuddles is a non-profit charity set up to provide, free of charge, a range of beautiful hand-made burial clothing for use by hospital staff to make parents’ experience of having a stillborn baby as dignified and caring as possible. We excel in providing garments for losses of 20 weeks and under.Our members knit and crochet a variety of delicate burial clothes – sleep-suits (with capped sleeves) and hooded sleeping bags (without sleeves) that are easy to dress the tiny fragile babies in. We also make and supply angel wraps, angel’s pockets that can be drawn up to enclose the baby snugly, tiny burial gowns that tie up at the back, dresses with tiny collars that button up the front and hooded capes to wrap baby in. We have tiny cribs for those babies who are too small or delicate to be dressed and blankets in varying sizes and colours. We make tiny angels and teddies, some as identical pairs, or threes, one to stay with baby and one with the parents in their baby keepsake memory box. We also make complete sets of matching gowns, booties, hats and blanket which includes a teddy or angel. All the pretty garments are lovingly made in white, pastel and neutral colours by our members, many of whom have first-hand experience of neonatal loss. Please click here to see a sample of items we can supply, all free of charge.We would be very pleased to send you a sample pack of garments for use in your delivery suite or gynae wards. We do also have larger sized cardigans, hats and blankets that your neonatal unit may appreciate. We have plenty of stock of most items and can supply you with more as you need them, or send you a selection of knitwear to suit your particular requirements.If you would like any items sent to you please email Cuddles at with your request and we will arrange for them to be sent as soon as possible.We would very much appreciate your feedback on any items we supply in order to improve our range and styles.