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Cuddles’ NewslettersPlease click on the links below to see our previous Newsletters. New ones will be added when there is information to be shared that Members might find interesting.You will see from the comments received from hospitals and families that your beautifully made items are greatly appreciated, and there are more that you can read by clicking on the Feedback link below.
‘I’m writing to thank you for the lovely knitted clothes, hat etc you sent the Rosie Hospital. The items are beautiful, we can’t tell you how grateful we are to you and 
all your knitters. The comfort they provide to the families is immeasurable. 
Thank you again for supporting us in our work with bereaved families’‘I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the parcels!! They are just beautiful!! 
Thank you so much for your generosity’


Dear All,
A quick up date for you all. Things seem to be going very well and we have had a very good response to the letters and mailshot sent to 50 hospitals that were not on the email list.

There are some very nice comments from hospital staff about the lovely items Cuddles supply and their gratitude to you all for your kindness and loving care in making them. I have included them at the end of the letter for you all to read.  There is also letters from two mothers who wrote to thank Cuddle for the garments we supplied.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts and comments on the photos of the 'cocoons' that Chris Wade has made. She has used brushed cotton as a liner and self-coloured patterned cotton for the outside and very light wadding between them. They look like tiny sleeping bags and Chris would like to know if we can use them. I think they are a nice addition to Cuddles items but obviously very different from the knitted and crochet sleeping bags. Let me know your thoughts.

Stocks of all items are really good, we have plenty of everything but keep sending your lovely items in, everything is much appreciated. Just a word of warning, one of our long standing members had packed a very large box full of items for Cuddles and sent it via Parcel Force. I did not receive it and eventually the parcel was returned to her. It appears that Parcel Force DO NOT deliver to P O Box addresses. To avoid this happening again, please do contact me if you have a large parcel to send and I will give you my home address. Bless her, she was able to get the parcel to me via her friend who was driving down to Folkestone and made a detour to drop it off to my house – such dedication!

We have £2095.00 in the account at the moment, which is fine but I am keen to get the account changed to NatWest as they do not charge bank charges whereas Santander charge £7.50 per month.
I did write to them asking if they could 'waive' these fees as we are a charity but they said 'no'!.
Which brings me on to my next point.  NatWest asked for a copy of our Constitution which we have and I have sent to them. In the Constitution it states that 'for the protection of members performing these tasks, the financial and banking transactions are handled by at least two nominated (non-related) volunteers'. I am obviously one 'nominated' volunteer but we need a second volunteer to add to the constitution and to the bank application as a signatory. Would anyone be willing to volunteer? There is nothing to do, just need be able to check the bank account on-line from time to time and be able to make transaction if necessary. I would be very grateful - £7.50 per month would be a big saving on the account.

Those of you on Facebook will know of the new members we have and thank you for welcoming them and helping them with their queries. One member, Sharon Abraham, makes novelty clocks and has offered to make and sell them and give the proceeds to Cuddles, which is very kind of her. I know some of you do similar and it is much appreciated.  I know not everyone is into on-line shopping but if are if you go to and register as a user, fill in the details and choose the cause you wish to support – hopefully Cuddles, then every time you shop Cuddles gets a small but very handy donation.

Thank you all for your continued support of Cuddles and your kind comments and encouragement for my small part in running it. It is a pleasure to be involved and a delight every Tuesday when, having collected  the parcels from the sorting office on Monday, I get to open them. Your skills and loving care in making all the garments and cribs, the teddies and little angels is amazing. It is not only me that thinks so, below are the comments from the hospital staff and mothers to show how much your efforts are appreciated.

With my thanks to you all.  Ann xxxx

Feedback from grateful hospitals and families:

Our patients and staff all love the blankets, baskets and babygrows. Would it be possible to have a new delivery of Cuddles moses baskets.
Jenny Chrimes – St thomas' Hospital

We deal with losses up to 18 weeks and have seen the beautiful small baskets that you supply – please may we have some more
Margaret Flynn Epsom & St Helier

We received the clothes earlier this week. Thank you very much! They are perfect.
Lauren Hutton  St Mary's Hospital 

Thank you for the lovely gowns/ pouches, they were perfect. We really do appreciate your time and effort in making these items.
Kiran Kaur – Anatomical Pathologist, Birmingham Women's hospital

Thank you so much for the lovely items.
Teresa Gnani  University Hospital Bristol

We are running short of your lovely Moses baskets -please  can we have some more
So grateful for your continued support.
Samantha Collinge University Hospital Coventry

As a result of your hard work, many of our families have loved ones with beautiful clothes.
Zahra Famill   St Thomas' London

The teddies we received are amazing and will be perfect for the little ones we are dealing with – so thank you again.
What you do really does make the most incredible difference to families at one of the toughest times in their lives.
Katie Lochrie – Anatomical Pathology, James Paget University Hospital

We are so grateful for all your help and support. The items look so beautifully made. It is obvious that such love and care has been put into every aspect of this and we and our parents really appreciate it. Thank you again for your wonderful support
Monica Eve and Jo Cox   Frimley Park Hospital

They are absolutely beautiful, the care and attention given to each item is stunning. I have attached a copy of your card to each blanket as parents have expressed they feel comforted knowing that these items are donated by families who know what they are going through.
I would like to share your details on our twitter page to show awareness of this amazing charity.
Leanne Howard  Leeds Teaching Hospital
We have received all your beautiful items. All the items are just perfect. Once again, thank you so much for all your hard work.
All at Warrington & Halton Hospital

Once again we would just like to say a big thank you for your kind donation of beautiful handmade  blankets and teddies for our children and babies. Your kindness means the world to us , our children and their families as such a difficult time and will bring lots of comfort.
Everyone at PICU at the Leeds General Infirmary

I cannot tell you how much the teddies help families, these little items help families to feel that their babies are cared for, it is especially lovely to have pairs of teddies.
Josephine Gyngell  Poole Hospital

These two notes are from the two mothers:-

To the lovely knitters,  Thank you so much for all the beautiful items you made for my tiny baby angel, and all the other babies gone too soon. The items, such as little sleeping bag and teddies brought me a great deal of comfort in a very dark time. Thank you.
Nicola, mother to angel baby Kendi, born sleeping at 16 weeks

I just wanted to message you to tell you how grateful I am that my beautiful little girl Ivy Alexandra Weakly didn't survive and I gave birth to her a week ago – she was 20 weeks old and was alive for 17 minutes so she was so strong. The clothes and the things that you have provided have been such a comfort and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am, that my beautiful little girl Ivy was laid to rest in the most lovely clothes it made my grieving process a lot easier.
Lydia, Harvey, Chritina, Rosie, Nick, Annabelle, Jordon and many many more of my family